Another busy day. But it’s sunny and warm! I spent all morning looking forward to the lunch break, praying it won’t rain.
I know, I know, you want to know who the driver was the other day. Ok, I will spill the beans. It was the lead singer of a band I accidentally heard in a small-off-the-main-street club about a month ago. The band was fantastic and the lead singer was gorgeous and totally riveting and sang like a male siren. I was obsessed with him for a while, and was very surprised that he still hasn’t had a real breakthrough.
And seeing him behind the wheel of that car (he is not making real money from music yet, so he drives, works as a janitor and a lot of other things, as I learned later), just made me forget about the big presentation and everything for the 20 minutes or so we spent cruising the city streets. We hit it off immediately. I asked him if he was in a band and mentioned I might have heard them once. He was so flattered. I took his number, under the pretext that I could hire them for an add or something similar one day. And immediately he invited me to a mini concert in the park, where they were going to sing 3-4 songs for some charity event. It conveniently happens in the park not far from my office, so I could saunter here for a late lunch today.  So here I am, waiting to see the concert. There aren’t many people, and they are quite scattered around so he will definitely see me. I think I will indulge myself and even get a beer. I have a reason to celebrate – the clients are happy and will definitely come back. I came straight from the airport, once the closing meeting finished and I saw them off.  
I do stand out here – especially in my stunning grey attire. After I had to ditch my cute ensemble the other day, I decided to use the drop crotch pants in another, sharper combination. The conservative CEO didn’t stick around, but I was leaning on the business aspect of my outfits just in case. 

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