So how to go about choosing a dress for a friend’s wedding?
Weddings usually are formal occasions and they are great opportunity to show off some of your best parts – both from your wardrobe and from your body.
The wedding will be in the heist of summer so I am betting on good weather and looking for a light and revealing slip-on thing. I am not into elaborate and over frilled dresses, give me easy chic any time.
And here is my choice – a gentle and feminine little dress in bright red.
I am in love with the bare shoulders and the original wide diagonal strap, which continues along the front as an overlapping piece. The dress resembles slightly an empire waist dress, but without a clearly defined a waist line and with a sexy daring length.
Which gives me the opportunity to show off my legs and my shoes. I am going for black high platform wedges - just the shoes to rock this dress. They are seductive and give a special edge to the outfit, making it quite a bit more original in comparison with the classic simple high heels.
Actually the first dress of this model I tried, almost ironically, was in white. It was so ethereal and totally suitable for a hot summer day. And I wanted it so much that I decided to buy both.
Understandably, I cannot wear the white one to the wedding of my friend - it will be wildly inappropriate. But summer is coming and I will have plenty of other opportunities to show it off, especially together with a stunning pair of white wedges.
So bottom line – a successful day of shopping, I am going home not with one, but with two fantastic dresses.

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