Once the chill days settle in, getting up in the morning is not an easy thing to do.

But one of the things that fills me with energy is the desire to dress up and go out. It is a pleasure and a challenge.  I have to choose carefully the  layers of soft and comfortable but also elegant and fitting garments, that will get me through all the facets of my busy day.

Day in the office, where the commotion is in full swing as several big projects are underway and the air is sizzling with rushed telephone conversations, deadliness and figures. For the office I always strive to look sophisticated, but with a touch of casualness - I don't to look like I am trying too hard. And today I have to be comfortable, no matter
what, especially on a busy day.

Take a break for lunch with a couple of friends that happen to be in the neighborhood - so change the look to more relaxed mode.

And the favorite part of the day - easy date with my beau and the gang, sitting in our favorite bar, just exchanging  stories of the day and making plans for the the last warm weekends to come. Quickly change into a simple but very elegant black asymmetric dress with a pretty knot detail on front an originally shaped hem.
Another great day.

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