The temperatures have taken a steady plunge below the zero but I am not the type to snug under the duvet in my pajamas.

I have places to be and things to do.

I stare at the white landscape outside. The snow is at least knee deep and the tree's branches are hanging low in puffy covers. It is a fairy tale alright, albeit freezing one.

Way too cold to be pretty? No way, I thought. Never a compromise. There is always choice.

 I have my eye on the rocking quilted original jackets and overcoats.

Their wonderfully asymmetric shape proves that I am absolutely fashionably right. Brilliantly unexpected and comfortable, cozy and oh, so unique. Sleeveless and warm also is an option.

Combine with shiny leather leggings and high leather boots and jump in the snow. Or dance.

Whatever warms your spirit. That is what I am going to do.

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