In the midst of winter shines the day of love - dreaded for some and much awaited for others.

Last year I was single and me and my girl gang celebrated it with ironic PrinTees and lots of champagne and dancing.

But unexpectedly and very so, this year I am happily couple up so I am quite looking forward to it.

We are going to a party and I am choosing a dress. We are going to dance all night - mood is going to run high. Energy is the key word here.
 So of course, bright fiery red.   Red is the color of passion, the bright red color of desire and I want be desired. I know I will gather glances - he should be aware there is always competition.

So...maxi or mini? Bare back or just sleeveless?
Show more and show off - оr leave a lot to the imagination while enjoying the material billow around. Either one is so elegant and feminine, it is really difficult to make up my mind.

Another option is to go for absolutely unique asymmetric shirt dress, which I can combine with a pair of sizzling hot leggings.

I am taking a while to make up my mind. Browse with me ;-).

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