It is Saturday and I have lazy lunch with the girls. It’s been busy few weeks and we haven’t seen each other. Today it seems that we will get together the whole gang – all 7 of us. Can’t wait. I am anticipating all that juicy details we will share and all the fun we are about to have. Ok, what to wear? The sun is a bit hesitant today – so I will take out for a walk my new mustard tunic. It is a tad paler shade of yellow, just like the indecisive daylight. I love the asymmetrical shape and elbow length sleeves. And don’t get me started on the circular neck-piece – few dresses can rock that well. The zipper at the back adds to it a sci-fi touch, kind of a space suit quality. And the way the tunic unfolds in the middle and slowly gathers at the bottom is so flattering – I can have big lunch and still feel relaxed and thin in it. It also shows just the right amount of leg. (wink) Which makes me consider the shoes. I will walk a lot today – after the lunch with the girls, I cannot resist a long window shopping session. Sooo….. something comfortable. Time to take out the white platform genuine leather sneakers.Energetic, comfy and extravagant - they give the casually elegant outfit the right sporty touch. Perfect for a weekend city walk. I grab without hesitation the circular oversize bag in blue–I notice with satisfaction how the white zipper of the bag and the white seams compliment the white platform of the sneaker. And the bag has space to carry the result of a well, a very moderate shopping spree, which might follow later. I just love it when things bind together in this way –like they were meant to be. And while we are on the topic of “meant to be”, I haven’t seen my neighborhood crush in a while. I know he lives nearby, but I can never predict when I will meet him. Which makes me very self-conscious every time I leave my house. Shades on: ready to go. As I round the corner to the main street, there he is. Hey, I am here, in a great dress. I can run very fast in this spectacular pair of shoes. But now I will walk slowly, so that you can see me.   

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