Today I have my eye on a couple of bold shaped skirts with striking design. 

They are like asymmetric bell drops in my bouquet of garments, in an a sophisticated light grey color, which allows for a multitude of combinations with tops.

The first one is high low skirt, with wide, waist defining piece and  in-built regulation string, which shines attention to the legs and gives freedom in footwear choice.

The second one is asymmetric irregularly shaped cutting edge skirt with abundance of drapes and with hanging straps, that are an additional accessory to the skirt – they can extend as a belt that can be tied around the waist and naughtily hang around the legs.

Both garment boast uniquely sexy look.

And the practically lovely part is that they can be worn till winter with leggings and long sleeved tops, so  in a way they are great trans-seasonal investments pieces.

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