Let's look at the things you can add to your closet this fall, if you want to dazzle and shine in the gloomy days without freezing.

We have prepared for you a shopping list to keep you warm  - with options:

An original and chic cloak to keep your warm in style -  in cool solid colors such as black, grey and charcoal for versatility in combinations.
If, however, you want to bet on the traditionally shaped coat, here is an elegant solution  - a coat with lapels.
Another way to go is an asymmetric hoodie, which is a hybrid
between a cloak and a coat.

Next: a warm and soft cardigan for an-under-the-coat warm fill-in or instead of one.
So here is a knit floaty vest with asymmetric shape and bat sleeves.
Another lighter version is an elegant button down tailored sleeveless vest with a striking line.
An, as promised, one more option: a sleeveless asymmetric throw-on light vest that will add an edge to any outfit.

A turtle neck blouse in stylish black is a great combination for any of the above vests.

And in any season or weather there is a party that deserves a stunning dress - why not an asymmetrical black one?

Now that your are warmly and beautifully dressed up, what are you waiting for? Let's go out!

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