Every year I plan to start the Christmas shopping. early.  Real early, like October early.

And of course, I never do.
But thanks to online shopping, I can catch up fairly quickly.

Now on my agenda is getting some fashion surprises for my beau. It is easy, as I have memorized his size and by now I know his preferences very well.

So here we go - an asymmetric hooded coat, that is both warm and so unique. It has large pockets and zippers all over, so it is quite masculine and with original cut.

I will get for my self the same one, one in black and one in pink, because I love it when we are obviously couply. For him I add a an asymmetric light grey hoodie with large kangaroo pocket.

An there is another item that I acquire for both of us - these are the long zipper boots with white platform.

We are ready for a new adventure.

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