Spring is here and I want to throw away the coat and finally move on to the light throw-ons and tunic and dresses.....

But March has extreme mood swings and I know I can't shut down the winter garments completely yet.

So yes,  it is still early for full-blown sundress with naked shoulders from light and breezy material.

Here come the cool season versions of dresses that give me the opportunity to look feminine and gentle and not wrapped in quilted materials... and still comparatively warm.

Casually elegant and comfortable feminine, I have a special place for the long-sleeved kaftans. Made from two colored pieces and with a hood, they are great for a busy work day or a Sunday walk in the park.

Another suitable choice is a two-piece detachable neoprene dress, that can turn into a blouse, minidress and long dress as per my current mood.

And when I feel like going for the sportier silhouette, an asymmetrically romantic hoodie and tight pants are a fantastic choice for a sleek and elegant outfit.

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