I love my life – it’s busy, sometimes even hysterically hectic. So many places where I need to be and so many things to do.

 And of course there is so much stuff I need with me every day – my make-up bag, filled with
the more subtle, suitable for the office colors and the slightly edgier ones, good for impromptu night out. A book for the subway ride.  And may be a magazine…Add a small umbrella - weather is unpredictable these days.
Don’t laugh at me, but I always have a spare set of earrings in my handbag. Sometimes more than one. Yes, I love changing my earrings throughout the day.

And  I am in love with the extravagant and oversize bags that come in these multicolored models. They are very well organized inside and extremely easy to use. The sheer size gives me the opportunity to be me, with all my gigs and stuff, without looking like a bag lady.

These bags boost my mood just by looking at them and imaging all the original ways they will complement my outfits. Even the slightly tired ones. All of my clothes will love to flirt with my new bags.

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