Late summer evening date. Romantic and poignant as I feel the first chills of autumn. 
Not many evenings like this left. Just the perfect occasion for an original dress.
I like the two piece combo, which gives freedom in playing with the pieces – black and royal blue, like classic song with a twist. The shape of the dress is elegant and extremely flattering, fitting but with gentle line that glides past the curves. It shows the shoulders just enough, which is the summer sexy look, without looking like a beach dress. Both parts can be worn over each other or just the royal blue part separately, giving the freedom to personalize my look and change it throughout the day, which I totally love.The black over the blue is the evening choice for me. 
Unexpectedly combined with white sneakers, it is both elegant and casual.
Another summer evening choice that I am fond of is a simple and elegant combination of fitting top and flared skirt, with sleek and free flowing line. Instant chic - graceful and feminine, but also quite light and unimposing. 
A simple outfit is always great in combination with extravagant leather accessories, so I go for a heavy statement rope necklace.
When paired originally with a casual footwear such as red sneakers, it turns into a playful choice, that shows that I am not necessarily the high maintenance type. Not sure my boyfriend would agree, but this is how I view myself. 
As I mentioned already, he also goes for a unique style, so I am always looking forward to showing off my outfits.
Dressed up, I am off to enjoy the sultry summer evening.

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