After the over-indulgence of the Christmas holiday, the leisurely extravagant meals and the general laisser-faire I itching for a party.

I want to dance and twirl all night, I want to meet the New Year with a real explosion of party spirit and energy. Mix with the happy crowd, looking my best fabulous self.

So here comes the favorite part - choosing the right outfit which will both compliment and boost my mood. Putting together my favorite pieces is a real pleasure, especially the new ones I have grabbed recently.

The combination of an extravagant dress, wedges that bring show the best of my legs and a statement jewel that adds bold and unique touch is the hot outfit I need.

Or bring the seductive notch up a bit with a unique halter neck jumpsuitIt shows my shoulders in the best way possible.
I plan to spend New Year's Eve in my favorite club, where dancing is inevitable, so I go for a sexy pair of wedges, but also add the sneakers for later in the night. That's what oversize bags are for. Large, yet exquisite and stylish.

Sexy, sharp and party ready.

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