Casual outfit for a relaxed and nonchalant day.
But I want to have one item that makes me stand out – so beside the easy to pull on jeans I am going for a T-shirt, that will turn heads.
I call this one “An angle in disguise”. A simple T-shirt with wings at the shoulder blades pattern. The white is cool by default, and the combination with light blue jeans is absolute classic.
My boyfriend was joking that I might wear this one when he takes me to meet his parents. Who knows, I just might.
It is a day when I really feel like flying away. It is warm and the air is full of promise of summer and adventure. The summer unfolds before me like expanse of blue water and I want to run towards it, breathless and ecstatic.
Today I am going out on a casual date with my new beau, but I have a secret agenda – I want to discuss the summer plans with him. I know it is early, speaking relationshipwise, but I feel like we are ready for a short vacation somewhere by a beach. Once I have the idea in my head, it is really hard to shake off.
Hence I chose the cute outfit – I know he finds me irresistible like this.
Of course, right away I start fantasizing about all the nice outfits I could wear at such a vacation. All the draped tunics and tops, all the variety of romantic combinations, oh, be still my heart. 

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