I am going to let you in on a secret – when I am at my worst, I put an extra effort in my outfit. Exactly when things are not looking up, I decided to use my clothes as armor. And you have to see me today. I am a warrior in red. What is the reason you might ask?
Well, I couldn’t sleep well. I am really tired right now. I worked till late on this presentation for new clients and I am really nervous this morning. I should be prepared as hell, but it is a really important assignment and I can’t afford to make mistakes. I have to impress. It is for a new and very radical client. We are meeting later today, but I have to do some shopping research beforehand. So I am at the mall again, but this time there is no time for window shopping, I have to gather information for the competition brands. I am sure that if I invest enough time in the research, it will pay off. It always does.
So despite the shitty way I feel, I went for the big guns. I am wearing a bright red asymmetrical dress, which flares above the knees.It is short sleeved, which is great for a business occasion, especially in unexpectedly hot day like today and the color screams for attention and hopefully, inspires confidence. I combined it with the killing sexy wedges with open toes. They have a pattern that elongates the legs and makes them look so seductive. And they match uniquely with the incredible accessory – the leather bracelet that covers most of my arm from the wrist up and the oversize necklace with rose pattern.
I need to calm down. So I call my friend for a quick chat. I want her to see my great outfit today, so we make plans to meet later for coffee. I am looking forward to the moment when the workday will be over and I can relax and chat nonchalantly about it. 
I feel much better after catching a glimpse of my reflection in a shop window. I am stunning! No wonder I feel the stares of so many people.
So I will act accordingly.

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