Fairy tales: Story of a dress


Do you know that fashion beauties become truly alive when you wear them?
When they are still in the shop or at the display of your screen, they represent a dream, a flicker of hope:
The plan for a night you are looking forward to.  
The special parties, when you want to shine at your best, like a rock star.
The fantasy for having good time, that keeps you going through the tedious office day.
The images of beautiful outfits you can wear, that pop into your head over and over again and make you smile to yourself.
But only once they are wrapped around you, this is when they are finally alive. 
And if you listen close enough, they can tell you a story.  
The story of the princess, who finally made it to the ball and had the prince chasing after her.
Or had a blast with her friends, dancing till dawn.
Or rocked the floor with the best karaoke ever.

You are that princess, enjoy your moment of pure beauty.


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