Sometimes inspiration just dawns on you. It may come in any form or shape – whiff of a familiar and nostalgic smell, a blasting song from a passing car, a very specific hair color…or somebody’s extremely original T-shirt.
You could wake up your own creativity just by wearing a T-shirt with a catchy and sassy phrase on your front.
Or even better – you could wake up someone else’s.
And, it could be the perfect icebreaker for a conversation you don’t want to end.
The perfect word or phrase – it may be like a beacon for a soul mate or a partner in crime.
Make a new friend today, at the boring queue at the market or while doing some chore.
Throw the guy that has been making eyes at you a line so that he can finally saunter to you and ask you out.
Show the intimidating crowd at the gym that you have a style of your own – and yes, they will ask.

And the best part? We have lots of T-shirts with great phrases and more are coming.

You can sound different every day, depending on your mood.
 Just take your pick and don’t be shy: EXPRESS YOURSELF.

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