As you must have heard by now, I love dressing up and I spend joyous hours constructing my look and playing with outfits.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that my beau has the same penchant for fashion as me and would spend time shopping with me and commenting on my looks. Men can be just as fashion obsessed as girls, and it doesn't make them less masculine, not in the least.

And of course, it only makes my female friends like him even more.  Now we are a happy gang of fashion junkies, that enjoy each other's  style and unique fashion finds.

We can spend hours tracking obscure and original items or putting together outfits that make a statement.

And here we are, a road trip to remember - riding the waves of good mood, looking for adventure and  fun.

We are young, beautiful, extravagant and chill.

Featuring: Coat, drop crotch pants, top

Male: top, pants
Female: necklace, pantswedges

Featuring: Male - Coatdrop crotch pantstop

Featuring: Мale - top,  sneakers
Female:  - wedges, bag

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