Braving the cold in great style. Black Friday and all, of course shopping for new style finds is big on the agenda today. So here I am, going for the timeless black, but in new garments. 
From the head down:

Start with the indoor ensemble -  a turtle neck  blouse and wide leg pants with a ribbon belt at the waist. The touch of contrast is the white knot statement necklace. The whole ensemble is elegant and striking. And yes, bit intimidating - I have a tough meeting today, I want to induce respect.
Another favorite accessory of mine is faux fir shawl, warm as lightly retro.
It thaws my too sharp appearance a little.

Another trouser option - I like leggings and I am really happy when I discover an unusual pair, such as this pair of tight leather front leggings. If I want to shine some light on my special new zipper boots, leggings is the right choice.

And last but not least - quilted and wildly asymmetric shiny jacket and a warm knit hat make my armor in the abrasive wind.
Warm and original, and absolutely and  fashionably winter ready.

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