The most passionate lovers' holiday is just around the corner. Get ready to charm away your beloved.
We have an array of cute, flirty and irresistible tops with a little something:  a phrase that is asking to be explained, may be to be remembered, or just hints that you know more than you let on….

I adore the loose white Tees with a lovely heart print.The material slides off the shoulder at the perfect spot, so that it is both extremely seductive and not too revealing. It exudes easy nonchalance with a feminine outline.

A heart print that draws the eyes and sets the mood for loved up couples or an unforgettable pretty drawing that will turn even the sporty Tee in a stylish addition.

Or a simple white sweatshirt with a loved up print - great both as a gift to someone else ... or to yourself.
If black and different is your thing, we have one of those as well. There is also ironic love - also an option for the naughty sense of humour.
Plenty to choose from - put on and enjoy the day, wrapped in smiles and love.

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