Of course, the beginning of the new year is the perfect excuse (oh, forget that, who needs excuses!), I mean it is the absolute reason for acquiring something new to set the stride and help me with all these heavy resolutions I have made.
 So the first one traditionally is keeping fit. It has never been an effort for me, really, more of a constant pleasure. But recently the things at work have picked up speed and I am busier than usual, plus my favorite and most convenient fitness round the corner has moved.

Today I am getting new sports suit to checkout the closest 5 star hotel gym. It is a flashy place and I love getting gorgeous for working out. I have heard it is quite possible to bump into some celebrities there. Time to go sporty in a sexy puzzle suit. Tight and comfy, in striking grey and green combination of a top and pair of leggings, it gives freedom of movements, while clinging to my body in the right places.While I am browsing, I grab a pair of grey leggings with leather fronts.

What I love about them is that they will be great both for the gym and for any other tunic or dress I decide to pair them with. I mix them with a sleeve warmers with the same pattern.

Over the sexy black turtle top they will make an irresistible combination for a light jog, I actually can't wait to try them on.
I just love to dazzle while I work out.

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