How about some new additions to the spring closet such as drop crotch pants?

This is definitely trendy and daring step - it is a style choice for the out of the-box-outfit.

These pants have a unique chill vibe and this is something you have to just let shine through in any way you choose to wear them.
What I love about them that you can dress up and down and create a very different impression.

One way to dress up a pair of drop crotch pants is with a crisp white shirt or a clingy top.

The strikingly elegant silhouette is at the same time very original and showing your impeccable taste in all the latest craze.

Add a pair of wedges and there you go - work day outfit with a non-conventional twist. With a statement jewelry on top, the final outlook is just so Aakasha.
And when it comes to dressing down - combine the pants with a loose tank top, a pair of white platform sneakers and generally relaxed cool attitude.

These pants are reminiscent of the street dance style so they are perfect for open air event or a concert, with the extra advantage of being wide, comfy and easy to roll in.

When going for the dressed-down style, you can still maintain a tailored look - just combine with a tight top or funny T-shirt, contrasting with the baggy shape below the waist.

 The effect is figure defining while flattering at the same time.

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