I definitely think a bag is one of the most game-changing accessories every invented.

If I had been born in the ancient ages before bags came into being, I might have invented them myself.

I have repeatedly to try and get through the day without a big bag and guess what, I end up with pockets filled with stuff, looking like hamster's cheeks. So yes, this is the accessory I can not do without.
I am particularly fond of the oversize extravagant beauties that gibe me the chance to put away a cardigan and all of my makeup items, and even a pair of flat shoes when necessary.

A bag that is beautiful, versatile and, able to hold many girly things, while still looking stylish and enhancing an outfit, is a true find. It is both a work of art and a convenient daily tool.

So here are some suggestions for your spring and summer closet that will accentuate the feminine line of a simple dress and give you the opportunity to take all you need with you.

A shoulder irregular size bag, with a semi-classical yet entirely original look.

Or a backpack with a clear defined business like lines, that make a great contrast with the summer silhouette.

A frill adorned smaller version for a lighter choice of a bag for a night on the pub crawl.

And my personal favorite, a two color mini backpack with a lot of holding potential.

Just take your pick and enjoy.

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