Today’s agenda: sport.
Last time I got together with the girls we decided to go for group sport.
So this morning I am on my way to the gym. Since it happens to be in my neighborhood, I can go there in my sporty clothes.
I chose a comfortable black drop crotch pants and extravagant black and white sneakers. The sneakers are very comfortable and I have the feeling I can run miles in them. I love the contrast between the black leather and the white platform. 
The blouse features a barcode design on the sleeves. Very original.
I just don’t get the people who go to the gym in their old and worn out t-shirts and leggings. For me it is one more place to shine. I have a whole collection of drop crotch pants, meant for sport, and spend just as much time choosing my clothes for the gym as when I go to a club.
If the argument is that you sweat at the gym and that is why you shouldn’t bother – well, I sweat at the club as well, because I love dancing. And I drink, and I sometimes end up being more of a mess than when I go to the gym. So that is why I do put effort in my outlook, when I go to engage in some sport.
And since it’s the neighborhood gym, who knows, my neighborhood crush might be there. (wink). Thinking about that makes me smile and I speed up uphill.

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