A fancy walk by the sea


A fancy walk by the sea
Finally! The long ago desired vacation is here. As you might have guessed, the vacation plans discussion went well – and here we are.
A vacation by the sea. Long days filed with leisure. 
To tell you the truth, we had a bit of discussion how to go about it, as it turned out my beau is into wilder kind of vacation – tents, virgin sands, lots of walking and so on. I should have guessed.
It sounds very romantic and adventurous.
But no place to show off my clothes! I am so not ready for that.
For next vacation I will stock on shorts and tees and extravagant sneakers.
But for now I suggested to go for the more traditional kind of vacay – a stay in a hotel, in a small resort, with an abundance of intimate but stylish bars and restaurants.
So after relaxing all day by the beach in my swimsuit only, I am dying to show off my new black dress.
My boyfriend has been here before and is taking me to the fanciest restaurant in the vicinity, therefore I am properly dressed. 
A sophisticated and light at the same time, this little black dress is the perfect outfit for a summer romantic date. It is fitting, but also exquisite, with gentle and elegant drapes that create a graceful flow.
 Add a statement accessory or two – a bit edgier so that I am not all doll-like. I play a bit with the accessories, so many to choose from. I love the large leather necklace with silver hue and the large leather cuff, which has become a staple. But I am very partial to the macramé ring statement necklace s well.
I put on my comfortable and sexy sandals  and grab a sporty shoulder bag, which gives a bit of a casual edge to the elegant outfit.
And off to enjoy a short romantic walk by the rocks so we can watch the sunset together.

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