It is wonderful when you find that outfit that is both extremely original and still very feminine.
Today I think I found the perfect attire for a dreamy walk in the sun.
 I fell in love with this imperial and magnificent maxi skirt for a princess. It is all drapes and curves in beautiful burgundy – a romantic throwback to another age. Asymmetric and extravagant, and extremely comfortable, making me look my absolute best.
 Combine with a light tank top in a solid offsetting color such as black and you have an outfit to die for. The sleeveless fitting tank top emphasizes gently the arms and contrasts nicely with the abundant material of the skirt.
The entire outfit simply exudes feelings of lazy bohemian je-ne-sais-quoi.
I want to walk slowly along narrow cobbled stone street, sit at an open air café, sip a delicious glass of chilled white wine while enjoying the city bustle around …. or wade through the grass in the park, while holding lightly the skirt like a princess and inhaling the fresh smell of greenery…the intangible taste of early summer.
Who knows, I have the whole day ahead – I just might do both and more.

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