Long sleeve maxi dress
Long sleeve Maxi Kaftan

Summer  -  the season with the longest day and the most delicious night.

More time to shine your style than any other season.

And summer equals dresses.  Heaps.  All kinds of dresses - conservative, bold, floaty or tight, flared, all with the promise to make you look cool and fabulous.

Let's explore the possibilities of the same classic maxi dress with a boho feel.

 Off-white Kaftan
Off-white short kaftan
If you go the maxi dress in sophisticated mustard yellow or white,  it is the perfect choice for a daytime dress:   refreshing, but not too bright, with the right mood of lightness and casual grace. You can wear it for a business occasion or relaxed time with friends. Let it play with the wind, while you glide away.

The evening invites for a darker color - just as free and elegant, but more suitable for night adventures, with a heavier stress on style and presence. Black never goes out of style and so do you.

And we keep the best for last - the watermelon one is a dress you go for when you want to be like an exclamation mark. Absolutely unforgettable, vibrant and unique. Timeless and striking, it is a symbol of elegance and style. Fabulous and glamorous, you won't go unnoticed.

So make a collection from colors - each one perfect in its own way:  feminine and royal, exquisite and charming.


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