This is how I feel today. I am dreamy and the weather is fantastic. On a day like this I have the feeling that nothing can go wrong. I am walking slowly and soaking the sun, feeling mellow and quite happy.
I know you want to know where I am heading. I have a date! Yes, I do. Remember last time, I was going to the gym? Hoping to run into my neighborhood crush, while working out with the girls?
Well, he wasn’t there. But unexpectedly, it turned out that my musical crush, the one with the band and the park, he likes going there. We started chatting immediately. After his birthday I haven’t seen him. He liked the book I gave him and we had good time at the party, but there were too many people and I left kind of early because I had to work the next day. Besides I didn’t want to look desperate and hanging on. It was several days ago and I hadn’t heard from him, but since everything was kind of casual between us and I know I give off a-very-busy-girl vibes, I haven’t expected much.
So it was great running into each other like this. And this time we made an appointment for the weekend, just the two of us. The great thing is that the weather is on my side today.
My leisure day outfit choice for today is a white tank top with a big feather detail on front and dark drop crotch pants. It is casual and carefree, yet the combination of the feather and the pants somehow has a touch of gentle elegance.
I went for the comfy white platform sneakers again, because I intend to walk a lot in the sun today. As a last minute thought I added the large leather bracelet, which covers way above the wrist. Just a hint at my wilder side and a nod to his occupation.
I spent some time wondering what to choose for today – I didn’t want to look like was trying too hard. I played with the large skirt-pants idea for a while, but then decided to keep them for a later date, when I want to look more feminine and gentle. Somehow I had the intuitive feeling that I should bet on the extravagant sporty look today.
I am a bit early, so I will have a coffee. Will keep you posted.

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