Jeans – the staple in anyone’s wardrobe. How to make jeans more interesting and extravagant? Obviously, you go for an original top. And here I have a total winner. An asymmetric tunic, shorter from the front, longer from the back, with abundance of material and drapes.
I love the combination with the jeans because the contrast between the tight trousers and the gentle loose flare of the top is unexpectedly flattering for the body. The tunic is very feminine, in gentle coffee-with –crème color. Which gives me opportunity to match it with the white platform silver shoes.
These shoes are the embodiment of comfort and extravagance at the same time. They are elegant, featuring a gentle shine, and I can literally walk miles in them.
cardigan is a must in these days of fickle and unpredictable weather, so with this outfit I like this one – with a simple, clean line in contrasting dark color. It is casual but quite fitting. The length corresponds to the length of the tunic from the back, making a perfect combination.
And this outfit is really suitable for my errands today - which include a lot of running around and … shopping. It is great to pick clothes that are easy to peel off, when you are trying new outfits.
I am invited to a wedding and I have to pick a dress. I haven’t decided on a color or a model, which means a lot of trying. A strange thing I have noticed is that when I want to buy a dress, it works best if I am wearing jeans. Somehow putting on the jeans after I have tried a dress serves as a palate cleanser, so I can appreciate the next model.
I might show you the dress next time.

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