Finally warm days in a row, I can enjoy the sun in a sexy and comfortable jumpsuit.
An exquisite variation of the little black dress, it is fitting and unexpected. Short pants above the knees and short sleeves. It is the embodiment of summer in a garment. When I wear it, I feel light and carefree.
 I like to play with the colors, so I have several, one in blue, another one in red and I love changing them throughout the day. Today I am starting with the blue one. I have the perfect shoes for it - color print sneakers with white platform. The lovely combination of colors brings a smile to my eyes. And they are unbelievably comfortable

So what is the plan for the day? A city walks with a dog. No, seriously, I am walking a dog. Remember my date from last week? It went remarkably well. We talked for hours and then went to see a movie, which we both loved and then …well, I stayed at his place.  And we have been on ever since. So today we are acting like a family, and I am in charge of the dog. It is huge and very wooly. I am not big fan of dogs, so I am glad that this one is not his permanently, he is just taking care of it for a friend who is abroad for a couple of months. But it is friendly creature so I like hanging around it for now.

And after we have taken care of the dog, it is time for just the two of us. I use the opportunity to change in the red jumpsuit. I have the excuse that the dog has left some hairs on me. I don’t want him to think that I am too vain. Of course, new shoes are better. The beige ankle wedges go fantastically with the red jumpsuit. They have this exquisite feature -the ankle pieces open from the front and make the leg look so gentle and sexy. I look hot and provoking and quite casual still. The right outfit for a date with a special someone.

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