And ta-da! My favorite season is finally here.
 It’s the season of the dresses. Maxi, loose and boho – my type of dress.
What I love most about the loose summer dresses is that it takes about 3 seconds to get dressed – perfect!
Some days I can feel quite lazy and not in the mood to spend too much time combining pieces and brooding over my appearance.  Hence I adore the effortless chic I get when slip into a loose sun dress.
And the dress I have in mind here is simply the epitome of casual elegance.
Sleeveless maxi dress in bold military pattern, which flares gradually from the shoulders down. It features two layers, that add volume and feeling of space to the lower part.
Just watch the way it unfolds behind as you walk.
An advice that I often hear from fashion experts is that if you find something that fits you in a great way or that you really, really like and if it tends to be a staple in your wardrobe, then you should get two of them. Well, isn’t it more interesting when they are in different colors?
So it is lucky that this type of dress is available both in the original green classic military and the wonderful cheerful pink. It is like a mood switch.
And I have the best sandals to go with this dress – leather fisherman sandals with wide straps and high ankle piece. They look a tad crude and heavy, which in turn makes the foot look small and sexy, they also compliment the military pattern of the dress in the best possible way. 

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