Sometimes you start an outfit from your favorite accessory.
You know how all of sudden there is this thing in your closet that you want to show and you spin your whole outfit around it?
Today I woke up with the determination that I am going to sport my new extravagant leather bag and the rest had to be fitted to that. It is an exceptional pumpkin genuine leather oversize bag with irregular shape, that can be worn high at shoulder. The original shape makes it a fantastic accessory. And its sheer size gives me the opportunity to stuff the entire gym outfit in the bag and still look chic. Which I just might do today, to start the day with a bang (wink).
You see, I need some inspiration today as I have new challenge – I want to redecorate my apartment. I am sick and tired of the old stuff around. Soon I will be having my boyfriend over and I want my humble abode to be a reflection of what I truly am, not just a place where I moved some stuff. I am on a hunt for new furniture and some artistic touches. And in order to give myself the right mojo, I need to decorate myself first.
I have the bag, now the rest - my personal feeling is that to accentuate this accessory in the best way possible, I have to combine it with a garment in dark solid color, so I go for the drop crotch jumpsuit in dark navy that showcases my shoulder blades. It gives me the opportunity to take a break from black today.  This jumpsuit is a fantastic choice when I want to look original and elegant at the same time. This hue is sophisticated and stylish. And it is so comfortable!
Add a pair of extravagant but comfortable sneakers and head out. 

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