One of the hottest trends this season – jumpsuits, overalls, coveralls, rompers.  I personally can’t get enough of them.
They exist in various shapes and forms, and even though the jumpsuit by definition is a functional, casual and sporty garment, it can turn into a breathtakingly sexy and sophisticated outfit, especially with the right shoes and accessories.
They give endless opportunities – you can wear them over T-shirt or long sleeves or without anything depending on the weather and the desired effect.  Jumpsuit is the new urban choice for a busy, but fashionable girl, who likes to her outfit a tad quirky.
 Short or long, wide or elegantly tailored, they are naughty, mischevious and business-like all in one. They are just right for a girl. They are also extremely convenient in term of pocket space. You can stuff an oversize smartphone and a make-up case in the pockets when you need them. And a small fire-extinguisher to put out the fire after your saunter by.
And the greatest benefit of the jumpsuit is that due to its generally more relaxed line, it is usually a very comfortable garment. It glades effortlessly past the  waist line, and with the right kind of tailoring it can even make you look taller and slimmer, if that is the effect you are going for, without having to endure tight and confining material all day.
 Or you can just go for a slouchy and relaxed look. Whatever rocks your world. It looks great in combination with the other latest craze – the drop crotch, which is a perfect feature for a jumpsuit.
 Having mastered both trends in your outlook, you are on top of the fashion wave. 

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