Summer is the season with the longest day and the most delicious night.
More time to shine than any other season.
And summer means dresses.  Lots and lots of them. Elegant, impressive, floaty and draped, free flowing, cool and fabulous.
Dresses are like poetry in motion; beautiful and inspiring, they are the most feminine garment in the world.
Here are some variants of the same classic maxi dress with a boho feel.
A maxi dress in sophisticated mustard yellow - daytime color, refreshing, but not too bright. Perfect for enjoying a summer day in the city, bringing on the right mood of lightness and casual grace. Suitable both for the office or a relaxed day. Let it fly with the wind, while you walk.
Come the twilight and you can switch for an evening dress in black. Just as free and elegant, but heavier with the dark color and more suitable for night beauties. Black never goes out of style and so do you.
The red one is a dress you go for when you want to be like an exclamation mark. Absolutely unforgettable, vibrant and unique. Timeless and striking, it embodies beauty and style. Whether it is for a special occasion or just because you want to make your day a tad more glamorous, it is the dress you go for when want to leave a mark.
No matter which one you choose, you will always look extremely feminine and princess-like, exquisite and charming.

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