Sharply dressed with impeccable style.

How: choose an elegant top tunic with a beautifully tailored line, high collar and zipper. 

Like an exquisite tulip, this tunic is one more gorgeous addition to my autumn selection. 

Available in black and red, it can be paired with shorts on a warmer day or with tight fabulous shiny leather leggings, when chillier.

The red variant is sleeveless, while the black has short sleeves, completing the shape of the garment in a beautiful way.

Adding a bright colored statement necklace will make the outfit even more striking.

The extravagant line of the top is great with just as bold pair of wedges.

The result - a sexy but sophisticated vixen.

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  1. This is a great look. I've never seen a top with a tulip flare like that before! It looks more unique (and wearable) than a tulip dress.