Autumn invites the soft pieces such as loose and comfortable knit garments. One way to go is a tight knit skirt and a cap in timeless black with contrasting statement necklace for a romantic autumn look. 

Another favorite choice is an exquisite asymmetric elegant  sleeveless tunic with a sleek line and gentle lightweight feel.                                                    

Extremely flattering, defining 
the bosom in a great way and 
accentuating the graceful line of the arms, it is a nod to the autumn, 
while quite suitable for the occasional sunny day now and then.

The contrast between the high collar and the otherwise clean line is striking and  feminine. 

Available in a warm golden brown and sophisticated silver grey, a joy for the eye and best paired with tight pants or  leggings and sexy wedges.

You can catch the sun with a stunning yellow bag and add a statement necklace as an exclamation mark. 
A simple black throw-on cardigan, that can be worn under a coat or instead of one, is an irreplaceable staple in your autumn wardrobe.
And last but not least, the long knit scarf is another essential in your closet in the next 6 months.

Perk up your style  with these fabulous autumn treasures.

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  1. This is so good! I am so happy I came across you blog it is lovely, don't stop doing what you do! x