I have a busy day ahead. One look out of the window and I shudder. The sky is hung in ominous grey and rain is definitely on the agenda today.

Still, I have stuff to do. I want to feel comfy and still look great. I want to wear something cozy and comfortable, caressing my skin, making me glide through the day, oblivious of the cold and the drizzle.

It is time for the array of soft  knit pullovers, cardigans and ponchos that keep me warm and boast with beautiful solid colors among the autumn abundance. Gentle for the skin and light for wearing, they are my favorite pieces for multi-shaping any outfit. I can slip them onto a fit turtleneck blouse and wear instead of a jacket.

I can vamp the look with a combination of a pullover and  leather leggings or go for a classic elegance with pants.

An extravagant bag is a fantastic additions.

Staying sexy and warm.

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