I am invited to a romantic retro style dinner party.  I really want to impress, but look classically feminine as well.

I am going for a velvet maxi wonder - the epitome of royal garments. Majestic and dignified, it is the choice for romantic elegance.

It features gently tailored waist with abundantly flared drapes, which spill to the floor. The high collar visually elongates the neck, while the tight, extra-long sleeves make the arms look graceful and thin in comparison with the wide flowy skirt.

Rich burgundy, royal blue and raspberry - I want them all. In the end I go for the royal blue: it is as if I am wearing the night.

I stride in languidly and feel like the queen of the hour. The beauty of the garment makes me slow down and talk in soft voice. This is no dress for a hurried day; it is a garment for slow and lustful enjoyment of life, for an endless dance in the autumn evening.

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