Well, here I am at the mall again. Dressed to conquer the city and it pours cats and dogs outside. The sun is very elusive these days.
I was in great mood today, so I chose as today’s favorite the beige maxi dress. I imagined walking through the park and the dress billowing behind….It is gentle off-white light beige sleeveless dress, which spills abundantly and beautifully in, almost to the floor, but just above the feet, so that I can show off the extravagant open-toe wedges as well. The wedges are high platform ripple sole platforms with exquisite shape. The ripple soles make them look like skating shoes. So every time I put them on I feel like I am going to glide on. The hidden heels shape the feet in an exquisite way. And since just yesterday I had fresh pedicure, now it is the perfect moment to show it off.  This dress is the perfect garment for an extra long extraordinary necklace, so I am sporting a long black intricately woven leather macramé creation with wispy strings that extend way below my waist. This kind of accessory is beyond jewelry, it becomes more like a part of the dress.
 I look through the window and sigh. I am a vision of beige. Can’t imagine walking looking like this through the mud. Well, as you know, I like malls as well.
I am waiting for my squad of friends, we moved our regular meeting it the mall because of the unexpected rain. Can’t wait for them to see my outfit. We are all fashion obsessed and I am sure they will appreciate it.
 It is really a rare occurrence but I am the first to get there. I rummage through my bag for the book to read while I am waiting – oh, I didn’t mention the bag , did I – it is dark red diamond shaped soft and luxurious accessory. Large enough for all of the stuff I can’t leave the house without. The handles are just one of the angles of the bag so it is like a piece of modern art on my shoulder. It is soft so I can fold it over like a purse, because, believe it or not, today it is not full. It is a weekend after all. And the color is great contrast with the light beige of the dress.
I have so many things to share with the girls, it was a crazy week. And they still haven’t heard all the details about my crush. I also have the feeling that one of them is finally going to admit she is pregnant. A lot of information to exchange.
I know what I will do until they all arrive - I will have a look at the perfumes. I need a new smell.

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