Going out on a Wednesday night. Oh, I know, I had a rough day.
But my friends invited me to a new venue, and it is very hard to resist. It’s a gallery slash bar slash party place. Tonight a friend of a friend is staging a play - very cozy and intimate and he has invited a very private crowd. After the play there is going to be a small soirée. But my eyes are on the “private crowd”. Since this guy has been on TV a lot, I expect that his close friends include a few celebrities.
So tonight I am going to be part of the “in-crowd”. Can’t wait, I am teenagerishly excited.
No wonder I put a lot of thought and deliberation in my outfit.
Recently I acquired this gorgeous halter-neck-jumpsuit-turning-into-a-dress garment and I am taking it out for a spin. It is all black, with a salacious strap that crosses the back between the shoulder blades and shows what I consider the sexiest and sometimes underrated part of woman’s body – the shoulders.
The crotch drops almost all the way to the ankles, which gives unbelievable drapes and freedom. Very sexy, original and oozing style like no other. I love the line that tightly follows the shape of body towards the waist and then blossoms like a black tulip towards the ankles. It has a touch of the Orient and looks great with high platform wedges. I chose the open toes ones, so that I can show off my freshly styled nails.
My friends are swinging by and picking me up in their car. I confess that I am kind of looking forward to  the “aahs” and “oohs”. 

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