Today I am on a mission. I have to buy a present for a special someone. So I am going to the mall.
I will tell you a secret: most people don’t like malls, but I actually do. I always have. And it’s mainly because of the abundance of shops - for clothes and shoes and make-up…It is my favorite jungle.
And I will probably allow myself a small indulgence – some window shopping and may be even some real shopping, once I have accomplished my mission.
I know you want to hear what happened last time. Ok, here it goes: So I went to the concert in the park and while I was waiting among the trees, somebody tapped me on the shoulder. It was him!!! And the best part? He was smiling and handing me a beer. He doesn’t even know what I drink (good wine), but he went ahead and brought me one any way. We chatted for about 20 minutes until it was time for him to get on the stage. And his band was the best! I know I am biased but still!  At the end, after I cheered on enthusiastically and we chatted some more, he invited me to his birthday party. No, it is not today, it is two days from now. Today I am just getting his present. 
But I am so full of anticipation. And so happy. I love my life! I have had a string of great things happening recently. It must be celebrated. Every day has a new surprise. I have come to wake up and get out of bed impatiently, ready to dive in my day.
So today I dressed for a date with myself. I don’t need another reason to be pretty. I picked this wonderful blue explosion that screams of summer and skies and sun. It’s an ankle length extravagant sleeveless dress. Very simple and absolutely stunning at the same time. It makes me feel like princes. When I walk, I feel people’s eyes on me. It has magic in it. And I love to spread it around. Of course, it goes with wedges - not just any wedges, but the high platform, open toes one. And I opted for the circular oversize leather bag in darker shade of blue. I will surely need more space in the bag; I am going to the mall after all. And the bag is a special accessory as well. Huge and unique.
So back to the mission. A present. I have been thinking that a book is a good one. I have no idea what he reads, but I have decided to risk it and buy him something of what I like.  It is kind of intimate, but in a subtle way. And later we can discuss it. I can imagine the conversation about books, while he gazes deep into my eyes….Ok, back to reality. Recently I have been infatuated with this new author and I am almost sure that he probably doesn’t know him. So I will get him the latest book. Can’t wait t o see what he thinks. 

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