Don’t you all have this friend that is always late? And when you think you have figured her out and you will get there quite late yourself so that you wouldn’t have to wait, she is even later than usual? But she doesn’t do it on purpose; she is so busy and so apologetic, that it is really difficult to get cross.
We have a date, me and one of my oldest friends – to chat and catch up and relax on a Friday evening. I am in the restaurant, and there she is calling and telling me to order on as she is running late. I laugh, because I made a kind of a bet with myself and I just won. But I can’t get angry with her, first, because she has a really good reason – she is stuck in traffic (fourth time this year), but also because she has a card up her sleeve – a party for later on that sounds like a deal. Apparently, we are going to some small club for a midnight literary reading in a place that just opened, like two days ago. It sounds strange, but she always takes me to these unbelievable venues where I meet interesting people and the whole thing is not something that I would stumble upon in my everyday life. The club has the potential to become the next hot spot, says an article I read online after the opening. And I was thinking on the way to here, that I really don’t want to get home early.
 Meanwhile I order on as I am famished and I just enjoy the good food and the start of the evening until she gets here.
I am so glad that tonight, when I was choosing my outfit, I went for the big guns. I chose my black, almost floor length dress. Its billowing drapes spill to the floor, while the tight black sleeves make the arms look graceful and thin in comparison. It looks very official, but it is also very comfortable and embodies freedom. It’s boho and classic at the same time. I combined it with the open toe wedges -  this gorgeous kaftan just begs for high heel shoes. And to add a demure splash of color, I went for the circular leather bag in burgundy. Yes, be jealous, I have several. And they are all great. Tonight the one in burgundy gets the spotlight.
So here I am. Dressed and ready to go, I am sipping my wine slowly and I am enjoying its creeping warmth. I feel beautiful and special and full of life and energy.
Don’t you all have this friend that is always late? And when you think you have figured her out and you 


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