Color me…black

No one would argue, that wearing black is cool. It is the coolest color there is.
It is slimming, and goes with everything. And in the right design and with the right accessories it is far from morbid or boring -  on the contrary, it is stylish and sharp.
Of course, if morbid is your thing, it is really easy to pull off in black.
But dark and tragic is not the look I am after today. I want a look that is totally ravishing and noticeable.
Everyone tends to explode in color in the summer – so I want to stand out.
And here it is - an extravagant killer-line dress which states my love for black with an intriguing print.
Sleek, simple but boasting a daring bare back and just as bold slit above the back of the knee, it is begging for an occasion to impress. Both classic and wildly extravagant, it is also a spot-on choice for a party of absolutely any kind. The material glides past the waistline, accentuating the gracefulness of the body and the sheath shape adds a bit to the height.
Add a pair of caged design fisherman sandals to finish off the black symphony. They are a fitting accessory for this outfit, but what you should also note is that this pair is an example of extremely comfortable footwear. If dancing all night long is on the agenda, it will be possible with this pair. The snug fit for the foot and the wide strap support for the ankle make them an irreplaceable party buddy. 


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