Less is often more.
And here is an outfit to prove it – a simple and effortless chic in a summer combination.
An outfit, consisting of loose shorts and a simple T-shirt with a print of a gringe heart.
Put together by the important staples in your summer closet - tees and shorts. Relaxed and comfy, it embodies the vacation nonchalance like nothing else.
After the floaty dresses, this is another classic hot weather duo that we will play around with for a while – while we can still play in the sun, that is.
You can choose variations in colors, going for white tee with a blurred heart print, even better for a blazing hot day.
One way to dress up the outfit is to combine it with an extravagant pair of shoes. Open toe high platform wedges with a smooth surface and ripple sole sharpen the look. The slightly coarse look of the platforms contrasts nicely with the graceful line of the legs, while the feminine and sleek shape of the shoe adds a layer of elegance and sophistication.
If you go for sneakers, you will accentuate the girly vibe of the outfit. Fit and ready to walk all day ;-).
Casual and confident, light and comfortable, it is just the thing to go for when on vacation ….or when you feel like it is just around the corner.

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