A white lily in the dazzling heat.
One of my most favorite flowers in the world is the sand Lilly. The first time I saw it, it just took my breath away – a strikingly beautiful and exquisite white flower blossoming at the beach, just meters away from the blue and welcoming expanse of the sea.
This white loose off-the-shoulders gypsy white blouse reminds exactly of this beach beauty. It inspired an outfit, that is both elegant and absolutely adorable – a beautiful combination between the shirt and simple black shorts.
The clean line shirt features bell shaped sleeves and flared form, ending just a tad below the waist. It has the romantic vibe of a vintage wear, a shirt from the era of Woodstock. The sleeves enhance the free and flowing shape if the shirt.
The combination with contrasting loose black linen shorts is very seductive. The casual shorts show off the legs and adding a pair of extravagant leather sandals makes the whole outfit striking and unforgettable.  
Sandals are the ultimate summer shoes, but why go for ordinary pair, when you can make an original choice.

So, Sand Lilly, enjoy this flower-like outfit and take a slow walk by the beach, you belong there.

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