I am in the mood for something controversial and unusual today. I want to look sharp and breathtaking. I want to impress.
The reason – I am going to my old class reunion.
I haven’t seen half of my classmates in over 10 years – it is exciting to see what they are up to.
And you know, there is special set of guns you take out when you are meeting people form your past, especially the people you grew up with. Today I want to look original, successful and uncompromising as hell.
Oh, and sexy too. Some old flames are bound to make an appearance (wink).
So here is my choice for today. The outfit consists of a sleeveless light knit tunic with a turtle neck collar in gentle brown color and tight black leggings.
The tunic is long, almost a dress size, with slits that start as high as the waist. The contrast between the naked arms and the knit material is very seductive, while also emphasizing the bust in a wonderful way. This one is so special that it is a statement in itself.
The leggings are equipped with a shiny leather front and their best feature is that they shape the leg exquisitely.
Combined with high platform open toe wedges, the outfit makes me feel cocky and sure of myself. Grad the roll purse and go.
 It also happens that this combination is very suitable for the shaky and totally unpredictable weather these days. 
The knit tunic looks great both with tight leggings or with extravagant shorts.
So I am off to enjoy the reunion while looking my best.

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