Long hot days….finally. After the rain flood and the mud and the chill mornings, for a few days now I have been waking up to blue skies and rays in my eyes. Time to let the summer fashion siren out.
So here is the outfit to celebrate the hot weather – a unique combination of a floaty white shirt and fantastic pair of sandals.
The shirt embodies the wind with the loose shape and drapes, creating a feeling of coolness and freedom. The boho feel is exactly what I am after, as it speaks of lazy afternoons in the sun, romantic walks by the sea and summer excitement.
I have decided to wear the shirt over black shorts so that my only slightly tanned legs will enjoy the sunrays. The shorts are dwarfed by the size of the shirt which in turn makes the legs visually longer and thinner.
And now the exclamation mark of the outfit – the sandals, which are killer sexy and absolutely unforgettable. Not for shy ones, this pair. The soft black genuine leather mesh encasing, which smoothly encompasses the leg, held by the leather buckled stripes, makes the legs look exquisite and even more feminine and this is accentuated by the open heel and almost naked foot.
A final touch: a statement necklace – a black macramé intrinsic mesh with extra-long wispy strings, reaching as long as the knees. The leather material of the accessory compliments the leather encasing of the sandals.
Stylish, sharp and cool. 

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