A lover of little black dress? Or the little dress in general?

Here is a nice variation of it - stylish, sexy and very versatile. A short pants romper in a range of striking and attractive colors. A naughty summer staple that goes long way.

Starting with an olive green short jumpsuit, it is a casual elegant. Style with a pair of boots for a sportier look and add a statement necklace.

Go up a notch for a day at the office with an elegant hue of gray, and in combination with a striking statement piece, you nail the daily challenge of dressing for work, while keeping your sexy vibe.  A light blazer can help you keep the combination with just a hint of casual on-the-go touch.

Or if you want to vamp the style, go for a dark blue romper, which is such an exquisite color, add an extra long necklace and a bracelet and a pair of wedges

Another option for a cocktail or a party in this romper is the one in red with a pair of high platform velvet shoes & oversize irregular bag. Finish the ensemble with a large statement necklace.

The mustard option is the boldest and most original one. Style with a fringe necklace in the same sophisticated gray as the shoes and you have a truly unforgettable style winner.

So here is a little something for you that never disappoints.

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