Busy modern woman with a long day that is cut into little segments of "to do" with some fun planned for later. And no time to go back for changing! Life is too short and so much fun to be had.

A little trick that I love - choose an outfit that is surprisingly easy to dress up and down, matching to the office and play-time styles.Combine with an oversize bag, so you could stuff the necessary accessory in it for a quick re-do. And there you go.

So my staple today is a pair of gray shorts with large front pockets.
I will spend the day at the office with an elegant shirt over the shorts that works both for comfort and style.
The bright coral color is refreshing, while the shorts keep me cool in the first hot days of late spring. I go for a leather necklace and a cuff that finish the outfit with a sophisticatedly sharp notch.
Add a pair of platform sandals and the look of quirky elegance is unmistakable.

And before I know it, the work day is over. Time to join my friends  - we will go to a restaurant and then hit the club.
Still in the shorts, I trade the shirt for an off-the-shoulder top and sexy pair of open heel sandals. They are just as hot as the platforms, but a tad easier to dance in - and I will probably do a lot of that tonight. Add a striking statement necklace and I am ready to.

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