As they warmer days happen more often, it is time to bring out my sunshine fashion, as I call it.
Light tank tops and skirts, loose dresses and sexy sandals, your time has come.

And as they require showing off my arms and legs in abundance, rigorous adherence to my workout schedule is paramount. The greatest thing is that when the day is longer and filled with sunshine, I have more energy and desire to do things, and there is no point to waste that effort in the closed space.

I am going out in the open and today I will start with a light jog. A morning jog or a brisk walk, some mornings a yoga stretch in the park wakes me better than a triple coffee. This is how I am going to start my days now.

And the weekend is upon us, I am definitely going for some hiking in the mountain. Long and fulsome trekking in the lush greenery, followed by pick nick with my gang, rolling on the grass and laughing while nibbling on sandwiches.

And, no kidding, it is time to update my workout gear. No need to slum it, I want to look my best at all times. Some sexy leggings and cool print T-shirt will do the trick. Soft, tight and trendy.

Starting the day with a bang in a fashion workout ensemble, that will put me in the dressing up mood all week.

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